Hope! letter

Hope! [1]

… heart is sad

… the seed of new hope

… discover marvels

A past … you had forgotten

Take the time to look at your life

Go to the gardens of your soul

And you will find fullness.

If you can not fulfil your desires

You have the hope that one day

You will … other joys

… finds your face and hides …

Soon you … the sun will dry them

Smile to life, because today nothing goes, it remains tomorrow

Advance on the path of life.

Because a the end you will see

Inscribed in the sky in letters of fire the word hope.

Life is not always right but it is not a valid reason to give-up

hope again…

To live without hope is to stop living

Hope is the greatest vehicle of success in the midst of

Uncertainty, there is always hope, no matter how fragile

Even without hope, the fight is still hope

Hope is the pillar of the world

Hope is the will to fight the very obstacles the see


Naya Tselepi
December 2019



[1] Hope! Letter was written by a refugee participant during the closing workshop of the 5 day-meeting in Lesvos island of the Project ‘The Route Of Solidarity’. The workshop’s topic was ‘to pack the whole meeting in a small bag, with some words & objects. The Hope! letter is partly destroyed because many flowers cut in the island were put in the same bag (as seen in the photo, the left bag on the top line)



The Route of Solidarity Project_Lesvos meeting,

Photos by Naya Tselepi, 28.5.2018


Ending note

only one moment, we deliver the project to you & Moria* is burning…


* ‘Moros’ _in Greek: son of the Night, primitive goddess of the night / broth­er of the Squadrons who controlled his destiny / his brother is Death, the calmdeath, and the Waxes, violent death and deadly diseases

* ‘Mora’ _in Croatian: nightmare

* ‘morrir’ _in Spanish: I am dying

# (Me)Moria: memory_μνήμη

Naya Tselepi, Orestis Pangalos, Christy Petropoulou, Mytro Tsilimpounidi, September 2020