Once upon a time on the island of Lesvos, out pf a hot spring crawled a creature that looked very nearly human, except it was very exceptionally strong, very fast and incredibly intelligent. And it had orange eyes, and long long hair.

This creature immediately started battling with the king of Lesvos. It did not know who it was or where it was from, but decided to name itself Ashliyori. Ashliyori only knew that there was terrible suffering all around and the kings and warriors were killing and enslaving all those around.

Ashliyori killed the king of Lesvos, so the kings of Europe got together and called forth their strongest most talented wizards to battel the creature. The creature nearly prevailed but the it was surrounded by the wards and turned into a small block of stone. A fence was put up to keep the sun, rain and wind from freeing the creature trapped in the stone who had been watching everything that had happened for 2000 years. It had a plan to kill all the kings but although everyone forgot the creature existed the fence remained.

It called to every person who passed: “Break down the fence, free me!”. But people were not very inclined to break down fences or hear strange voices in their heads so they always hurried away.

Until one day a woman full of rage and despair walked by…